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Hello family and friends. Welcome to my updated webpage. It has been a while since I've decided to do some updatings. So, what is new? Well, I have finally got my own domain name through namezero that is why you see the ad at the bottom of the screen. If that bother you or you can't see some part of the page then you might want to go to '
wittymedia.tripod.com' address instead. I have add 'Flash' animations into my webpage. I am learning more about the program. I have made this update info. page so that if you want to know what is going on with me lately, you can find out from here. I am trying to keep my webpage as simple as possible. Your comments are always welcome (wittymedia@hotmail.com).

Ok, now lets get into family and friends biz. I hope that y'all had a very nice holiday season with your family and friends. I did have a great time with my family and friends. I want to thank 'Dad and Mom' and 'Theresa and Marty' for hosting me while I was on my vacation! My trip was terrific. Right now both families are in the process of moving into bigger and better places. Congrats! I want to also thank all of my family and friends for the cards ya'll sent to me. :)

After I came back from my vacation, I went to a fire response. I'm a Red Cross Volunteer for Disaster Services. It was an apartment. Most people lost all of their properties. I help them fill out forms so they can get emergency help and I've found out that most of them don't have any insurance! This makes me feel so sorry for them. Most of them will have to start everything over from nothing. My point of me telling you this here is that as a best friend I want you to consider buying Home Owner's or Renter's Insurance. If you haven't already done so. I, myself, have Renter's insurance. I know that it will cost money but it is for piece of mind. Have you ever sit down and thought about what it would be like if you have to start every things over from nothing?

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Another week has gone by. Since the last time I update my webpage I have been learning some more about Flash. I'm getting into the programing part. It's a confusing part. But I am getting hold of it. Trying to ;)

My friend at work finally got her organization approved. Her organization's name is "American Association of Single Parent". She has asked me to help her start up her website. She is now working on her web page.

This weekend I went to attend Red Cross trainings. I took Diversity, Damage Assessment, and Residential Fire classes. After class on Sunday, I was asked to help out another colleague service a family. It took me a while to get there because of the traffic and going to an unfamiliar area but it was nice to be able to help someone out. I can see that the family does appreciate the help. Atleast she and her children will have some place to stay tonight.

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This week I have learned to fold a mice and a cat (origami). Cat is very complex. I still have to have instructions with me. I have also been working on my plastic space shuttle with booster model. I've bought the model since the last Thanksgiving and I have been putting them one small parts at a time.

I would like to invite you to check my email mask page. It is a new feature that I've just learn about. Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wow, It has been exactly two months since I have a chance to update my info. Well, I have been extremely busy with my work. I thought work will be easy but it wasn't like what I had in mind. They keep changing and it is hard for the employees to keep up with. Some times I wonder if those who keep changing things at the head quarter ever have any idea or been in the employees situation!

Any way, let's update myself a little bit. First, I am now another year older. I want to thank you for the birthday cards. :) If you are wondering how old I am. Well, let just say that my auto insurance fee is dropped.. LOL

I finally got my Spacecraft Model finised. I'm very happy with that because it took me months to put them together. I can only do small portion at a time since I have to wait for glue to dry. I'm still very interesting in space stuff. I can't wait for the Spring to come so I can go out somewhere and look at the stars. I want to see deep space where you can see other galaxies, and billions of planets.

I'm still working with the Red Cross. This past weekend I got a call. I went there and found out that the house wasn't burn or anything. Just a few stuff that got caught on fire. So, I came home.

Well, folks, I just want to say that I'm sorry if I haven't get in touch with some of you lately. I hope you will understand me. I will try my best to find a free time and either email you or snail mail you. In the mean time, please take care of yourself and family. Please say Hi to every one for me. Tell them how much you love them. ;) Take care now! *wave*

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Hello again folks. It has been about a week now since I went to Ohio for my vacation. It was good. I got a chance to see my family and friends, stay at a new house, been to a new baseball stadium and do many things. It was fun but as you know...when you have a good time, it is always short.. too short! But I'm happy that atleast I got to see family and friends. :)

Today I have a chance to make changes to my web site. Start from the intro page, I have added a counter to keep a record of the traffic. As you might have already noticed on the main page that I have move my navigation to the right side instead of the left side. This will make it easier to select and scroll. Now, you don't have select a page and have to move your mouse across the screen to scroll down the page. ;) On some pages you might still have to move your mouse around. Beside that I have also added two more pictures, Casey and baby Grant. And I have put a guest book on so if any one would like to leave me a comment or something they can do that.

Well, I'm running out of speech here. So, before I close this update I want to tell everyone, families and friends, that I do love you guys. Until next time! :)

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It's Sunday night 11:35pm. It is so quiet and I'm listening to Jim Brickman's CDs. They make me feel relaxing. I've got a chance to talk to my best friend, Cheryl, from North Carolina over the phone last week and make me feel like I should write an update a little bit. My life here hasn't changed much. I've been working most of time. One more week and quarter will be over. My students will graduate from school and they are good students (hard to find around here.)

I'm not doing any updating to my webpage this time. I only touch up my mom's page. I add a midi onto her page. "Wi-man-din" is the name of the song. "Wi-man" in Thai means castle in the air or paradise and the word "din" means earth or ground. So, Wi-man-din is paradise on earth. I like the song and later on I've found out from my sister that it is my mom's favorite song and I happened to find this midi version off the net. So, it is on her page now. :)

Just a note to remind that the address "www.wittymedia.com" is no longer work because Namezero have changed its policy. But, if you are here at this point, I think you are ok! hahaha. However, if "http://wittymedia.tripod.com" is hard to remember or something, you can search for my website simply goto AOL, yahoo, MSN and search for "wittymedia" or "wittamon" and it will give you a link to my website!

Well, it is time for me to say "good day" again to you all! Like my friend, Cheryl, told me "Come back again ya'll hear me?" in Southern style.

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My condolences to the innocent people who have lost their lives in the WTC. Everytime I think about the firefighters and the policeman who have lost their lives try to help others make me feel sad and anger. They are the heros no question about that. I wish people could find other ways to communicate than taking innocent people's lives. I've seen the best of people from every where. I went to help Red Cross's blood drive last Thursday and hundreds of people waiting to donate blood! God bless them all!

This update I have change my navigation menu a little bit. This navigate button will save some screen space and help some people that have a low screen resolution. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Before I end this again. I just want to say "I love you all and may goodness in this world bless you and your family happyness." 'til next time. :)

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